How to convert videos to images or Animation


- How many times have you wondered how we can select photos from a video or even convert a video to Gif Animation? There are many ways we can achieve this, but here we will choose one that is quite simple and very reliable at no cost. This will help us VirtualDub, a video recorder for video editing in 32 and 64 bit Windows, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). 

 Although it lacks the editing power of a professional video editing tool, such as Adobe Premiere, it is still free and especially recently it has been updated quite a bit with editing capabilities for large numbers of files. let's see how it works for the job we chose: After downloading the video we are interested in, or in general if we want to edit any video we first download the program, we will find it in two versions 32 and 64 bit we choose the one that suits us accordingly with the computer we have.

- After downloading the program, unzip it to a folder, and run the -VirtualDub- icon from there, no installation required, now select the video you want to edit.
- If you want to export the photos from the video, select the File-Export image seguence path and select the folder where you want to save the photos.
- Click ok and the program will extract all the photos from the selected video. If we want to select specific parts of the video we go from the program menu and follow the path Go-Beggining and adjust the bar at the bottom left where we want to start the processing by finally pressing the penultimate symbol in the bottom bar to give the program to understand where we want to start.
- Follow the same procedure to set the end of the video with the difference that now we select the right bar and the last symbol in the bottom bar, see the photo:

- Having now set the time point of the video we want to edit follow the first steps I wrote you, ie the File-Export image seguence path and the folder where you want to save the photos.

- Now if you want to save your video in Gif Animation all the steps are the same except the first one, ie you have to choose the path File exprort - Animated Gif.

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