Friday September 14 2012

How to Put a Watermark on Your Photos


If we want to protect our photos from copying but also to prove that they belong to us, we usually sign them electronically. How is this done? Very simply by using the watermark that we add at some point in the photo by putting our logo or name in the photo.

1st way!

There are many ways to do this, but we will choose two very simple ways so simple that anyone can use them even if they have no idea. The first way is through the internet and he undertakes all the work picmarkr.com. How to use it very simple, as soon as we visit the website we follow the instructions and go to the first step:

We can upload a total of up to 5 files at a time with a total size of up to 25 MB, the program also allows us to upload photos directly from Flickr, Facebook and Picasa. At the bottom of the menu you will see the option:

 Optional: resize uploaded pictures
With this option we can if we want to reduce the size of the photo depending on the use we want to do. When we are done with the settings we go to the second step by pressing the OK button! Go to Step 2
On the next card we define our logo which can be a text or a small banner. For the needs of the test I chose a small text with the name of our website in the field: Text to display, selecting and in parallel with Watermark align exactly where in the photo I want the logo to be visible, (left, right, middle, etc.).

After selecting its position we complete our action by pressing the button to the right of the menu
Our photo is now ready, we can save it on our computer or upload it directly to Flickr Facebook and Picasa.

2st way!

Now we will look at the second way and it will help us xnview After downloading the program we run it and open the photo that interests us and from the program menu we select an image - Watermark.

Select your graphic and in the location option specify where in the photo you want it to appear.

You are now ready to save your photo and upload it to your blog on social networks or wherever you want.
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