Tuesday January 11 2022

Find the missing Dlls from Windows


DLLs are libraries that contain code and data and can be used by more than one program at a time, when multiple programs use the same function library, less resources are consumed by our operating system, but it is not uncommon for some reason various strange messages appear on our computer informing us that one or some of the dlls have been replaced by others or in the worst case that they do not exist.  Usually the problem concerns the older generation of windows without this meaning that it is not possible to see it in windows 7. If we face such a case, there is no need to panic since for almost all problems there is a solution. This solution sounds like dll-files.com since here you will find almost all the dlls that exist, search by typing the name of the missing dll: Suppose I search for opencl.dll, I type its name into the search engine and next step is to download it by clicking on the option DOWNLOAD . Finally, after unzipping the file from opencl.dll.zip, depending on the windows you have on your computer you will need to extract it to the corresponding folder

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