How to add start menu in windows 8


Windows 8 is admittedly a very careful version, classes higher in my personal opinion than windows 7 and certainly those who try to install them will not complain, even for those who have older computers that meet the basic requirements for installing the new operating system will see a very significant increase in speed at all levels, but still lack some features that make it very easy for users.

 For example, those who install them will notice that the classic Windows Startmenu is nowhere to be found, a fact that is strange and may be difficult for some. So for many the need arose to restore this function but how can this be done? There are two ways, one with the setting that we will describe below and the second way is to use the classicshell that has been made for this very reason. Let's see in the first phase how we can make the startmenu ourselves. We move our mouse to the taskbar and by pressing its right button we choose to create a toolbar.

In the next tab, add% ProgramData% \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs to the empty folder option.

Click now with the arrow keys and you will see the start menu with the programs, unlock the taskbar and move it to any place that suits you. 

The second way is the simplest and most beautiful aesthetically since with the installation of the program and without any intervention of yours you have obtained a very beautiful and with many Startmenu options.

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