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Today we will see a different version that promises to relieve us of the compatibility issues of subtitles that occur on several devices. If you need subtitles for your movies, you'll most likely have trouble recognizing them on devices such as the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or iPad, or even some desktop Players or TVs. 
The problem is that these devices can not read SRT files, so we need to find a way to overcome this problem. This will help us AVIAddXSubs with which in a few seconds (up to a few minutes we will be able to easily add subtitles and enjoy our movies, on all our devices, from our PC to our mobile phone.

The conversion process usually takes a few seconds to a maximum depending on the film a few minutes. To be completely precise, the application does not encode the video and does not embed the subtitles in the same video in the full sense of the word but produces 2 files ending in .idx and .sub, these files are the subtitles. So for example we can watch movies on our computer with any Player and without having to make any settings.
Important: In order to be able to watch the subtitles in the movie that we will select on an external Player, TV or some Xbox game machine, Playstation we will probably have to enable the relevant option (enable subtitles) from the remote control of our device. action: After downloading the program (Download) unzip it to a folder, and run the AVIAddXSubs application by making the settings you see in the following images:

From the program menu you can select the font size, the color, the height you want to be displayed and many other details, for example if you have a problem with where the subtitles are displayed, change the value in the Vertical Position (VP) field. Finally, from the main menu of the program, select the folder where you saved the movie along with the subtitles.

Important: The movie and the subtitles should have the same name example mdma-2012-a.avi (movie name and mdma-2012-a.str the subtitle name in my example), if they differ rename or one so that they have exactly the same name. Select Start, and wait a few seconds for the conversion to complete:

On the website of the creator of the program, you can read the detailed Manual for its use.
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