Wednesday 20 July 2016

How to combine two videos into one


In previous post We wrote how to convert videos to images or Animation with VirtualDub, today we will show you how to merge two or more videos into one.

Download it VirtualDub and unzip it to a folder, run the VirtualDub icon from there, (the program does not need to be installed). Select from the program menu Open video File and find the path to the first part of the video where you saved it:
Select from the program menu Audio and after Full Processing Mode.
Go to the VirtualDub menu now and select Fillet - Added AVI Segment, now select the path where you saved the second part of the video you want to join.
Select from the menu Save AVI name the video and wait for the program to finish the merging process. Note that because the program records the data to raw AVI, the hard disk where you save the final video should have enough free space.
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