Saturday April 11 2020

TeamViewer: Control your computer remotely


In a previous post we wrote about its capabilities TightVNC and how we can control any computer remotely, today we will write a few words about TeamViewer a simple application capable of performing remote control tasks, on another computer desktop, sharing files and moving them, can easily work behind any firewall or proxy server and its operation is so simple that I believe no one will not understand it.

1. After downloading the program we install it on our computer, as you will see at the start of the program on the left side of the program your ID that contains a specific number for each installation and below the code where you provide the code for that application.

Of course, in order to be able to control a different computer, TeamViewer must also be installed on it, now in order to be able to connect to it, you must know its ID and password, which means that you must enter it somewhere in order to do not forget it or consult with your friend who has been through TeamViewer to tell you.

2On the right side of the program menu you will see the tab with the name Partner ID that is blank, fill in his ID, enter the code he asked for and press OK. That was it, you have already taken control of the computer, but fine with TeamViewer, no they end here after through an incredibly wide variety of possibilities to transfer files between one or the other computer to talk to each other, to connect using your computer camera to exchange messages and a lot more actions depending on the work you want to do.

TeamViewer: 15.4.8332
OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Windows Metro Apps

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