Wednesday 17 May 2023

FotoSketcher: Turn your photos into paintings


FotoSketcher is a free application that can help you turn your digital photos into works of art.

Let your imagination run wild and turn a portrait, a photo of your home or a beautiful landscape into a real painting, sketch or drawing in just a few seconds.

The operation of the program is very simple, after running it go from the left side of the program menu and select the photo you want to convert.

The next move is to go to the color palette and select the type of editing you want to apply to your photo and when you are done press the paint button, depending on the size of the photo in a few seconds and after the program has finished editing in right side of the program panel you will see the result of your operations.

You can even if you do not like your choice to edit it until you reach the desired visual result.

When you are done you can save the photo, by clicking on the photo with the right mouse button the relevant menu will appear. Select the format type and destination location and save it. 
Download the FotoSketcher app
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