21 October 2022 Preparation

Stickies: The alternative way to remember your to-do list


Stickies is a PC utility to replace yellow paper notes on your computer screen. This is a computerized version of these notes. These are the well-known yellow rectangular boxes in which you can write text notes. 

Once created, they will remain on the screen until you remove them. Once displayed, the stickies will remain where they are placed even after restarting your computer until you close them. The look of the Stickies can be customized and of course you can change the fonts, colors and buttons and save different styles. Stickers can also be modified to save text or images. 

They can also be linked to an application, website, document or folder, so that they only appear there. They can also be transferred from one machine to another either via a TCP / IP network connection or via an SMTP mail server or a MAPI client. In conclusion we would say that this is a completely free, wonderful, fully customizable office software. and not just with many settings and usage applications.

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