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Online applications are growing and multiplying over time providing users with more and more features. Faithful to the doctrine of thorough research of the best applications, we search, find and we will present you the best. We consider pizap to be one of them. We would say that it is aimed more at novice users who are looking to find something simple and easy to understand.

Make a Collage that will allow us to edit and collage our photos, Edit a Photo that will allow us to edit our photos as we would with a good graphics program, TimeLine Covers that will help us to Make Covers for Facebook |

The Twiter Header Cover with which we can make covers for our Twiter account, To Backgrounds to choose the background of a photo we want to edit and finally the Web cam effects, which will allow us to take photos from the camera of our computer and edit them.

Whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed. The application is still available for android and iPhone, iPad, iPod touch mobiles, finally it can run after being integrated as an add-on in Google Chrome.

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