VirtualBox: Run different operating systems on your computer


VirtualBox is a powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization application for businesses and home users. It has extremely rich features and is a high performance product and the only professional solution to date that is freely available as open source software.

Today, VirtualBox runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Solaris and supports a large number of operating systems. VirtualBox is actively developed with frequent releases and has an ever-growing list of features, and supported operating systems and platforms it runs on.

I should also note before proceeding with its installation that in addition to VirtualBox, I consider it absolutely necessary to install and Virtualbox Extension Pack which will add a lot of extra features and without it their features are pretty poor.

Run the application, select from the program menu create a virtual machine and specify the operating system you want to run.

The speed of your new operating system is of course not what it will have running in its natural environment, but depending on the processor you have and the total memory of your system it can range from average to excellent, especially if your processor is compatible with the technology Hardware virtualization.

Hardware virtualization and how to enable it

Hardware virtualization is an evolving technology that is gaining popularity in server platforms.  

The basic idea of ​​the technology is to consolidate many small physical servers into one large physical server so that the processor can be used more efficiently. 

The operating system running on a physical server can be turned into a separate operating system running inside the virtual machine.

In the event that we do not know whether our computer has Hardware virtualization technology, we can verify it through a simple free software of LeoMoon CPU-V (click here) through which we can see not only if our processor has the above feature but also if it is activated.

Now, in case our processor has Hardware virtualization and is not activated the way of activation is simple and is done through the Bio of your computer, and where depending on the Bios you have you will see these images, the first concerns intel processors and the second in AMD.

Download   the VirtualBox application

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