Monday 30 January 2023

Don't Sleep: Prevent your computer from shutting down, restarting, hibernating


It happens periodically that our computer shuts down, restarts, or goes off, even when we do not want to. It is true that we will be able to adjust the settings for these actions, but many times we do not bother to do so. 

If you want an application to prevent or shut down your computer that will free you from the individual settings that you need to do and that includes waiting, hibernation, shutdown and restart your computer you will find them in Dont Sleep, a small and portable application since its operation does not require installation. 

But it not only does this, it also prevents the computer from logging in, turning off the screen or turning on the screen saver. Of course, you can also manually turn off all options and then turn them on again.

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TAGS: Utilities

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