ABCya! Animate: Educational Online application to make small animations


ABCya! Animate is a free online application, perhaps the best way to engage children on the internet that also has an educational character since through simple movements the child is given the opportunity to learn to create by developing his skills and channeling his energy positively. The new version has a colorful and intuitive interface, 100 frames, grouping, and over 100 photos.

Select Edit Bacroud to select the animation background and then press Done.
Select images and choose one of the available items that matches the theme of the animation you want to create. In the example I chose a road as a background and a car as an object.
Now place the object you selected at the point where you want the animation to start, and move it simply by moving it at small equal intervals with your mouse (in the same straight line if you want to change its path) moving it away from the starting position with small steps and pressing the copy frame button at each step to successively add the difference in movement. Finally press Play to see the animation you made. If you are satisfied with the final result, press the save option, wait a few seconds until the animation is created and save it.
Nothing restricts you from changing your image, painting it, adding other objects to the background and generally drawing the animation more carefully or creating your own Bacrouds, the only limitation in this case is the skills and Before you start, it will be good to watch the relevant educational video that will enable you to better understand its functions.

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