Saturday 24 August 2013

Facebook: Who visits my profile most often?


Want to know who frequently visits your facebook profile? It is indeed a question that for others does not matter but for others it is a mystery. We will try to approach and answer the question in the following way:

First open your facebook page in the Profile-Timeline position. Right-click on the page, select a source code view, and click on it:

Now press CTRL + F and look for the word FriendsList. Right next to it you will see some numbers in the row, these are the id of the users who visit you most often. The profiles in the catalog listed in order by whom visits the Your Timeline more often.

Now select one by one the Id you see and in the Browser bar write the following:

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id= αριθμός

After = enter the number you want to verify its identity and repeat it for each Id separately, in a short time you will know who has visited your profile the most.

This way it reflects the visits to your profile at that particular time, probably the next day or some other time when you choose to see your profile visitors be different.


We tried to take a technical approach to the topic the way we described it to you, and to be honest we were not able to verify 100% if the Id we see next to the word FriendsList refers to a specific action of the user, to enter and see the profile for example or generally concerns the mobility of users through the various applications (such as the invitations you receive from various applications, invitations and games from your friends.

Tested with Mozila Firefox Browser, but nothing prevents you from using any other Browser, for example in internet explorer you will search for the code by right-clicking on the word coding, and in Google chrome by selecting in the same way display page code 

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