TrueNAS : Turn your old computer into a network storage device


Those of us who deal with computers always have an older computer on the side. So instead of having it in your warehouse and eating dust, how about giving it life and turning it into a Network Attached Storage (NAS)? 

The logic of the program is to keep shared files or files that we don't need to have with us all the time, our backups, etc. on a computer, so we convert our old computer ensuring a very good network storage solution. 

Of course I should note that the computer that will be called to play this role should not be too "ancient" in the sense that it should support the available modern communication standards and have the appropriate hard drive that will can accept the "weight" of the stored files. 

So plug in a decent sized USB hard drive and keep all your business updates or personal files there. FreeNAS supports most network access protocols, such as CIFS (Windows File Sharing, formerly SMB), FTP, NFS, TFTP, Rsync, and Unison. It can also be run from a CD, or USB stick or installed on the hard drive. When running from the CD one can save the settings on a USB stick or floppy disk, which makes it even more secure. It has several other useful features, such as support for RAID and encryption, thus giving more security to your data.

Before you get started, you should know that the application requires your computer to have at least 8GB of RAM.



Download the iso file and after burning it to a DVD, start your computer.


Select installation

On the next tab, select Select 1 and click Install on your computer hard drive.


Select the disk where you will install the application, press Space and then OK to start the installation.


During the installation you will be asked to enter a code, you can skip this point and enter the code you want when you open the application (you will be asked).


After the installation is complete, remove the DVD and start the computer. The first image you will see is this. Press ENTER or wait a few seconds for the application to start.


Copy the IP to the address field in your browser (your computer may have another) and press ENTER. Ignore the security message that you will see and enter the web interface of the application and add the users you want.     

In conclusion, this is a very worthwhile application that will enable you to get a powerful home and not only server for your needs. The implementation is very simple, provided you have some experience in such applications.

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