NetTraffic: Monitor and keep track of your data traffic


NetTraffic is a small smart tool for monitoring network traffic (bandwidth) on selected interfaces. Its features include graphs and real-time numerical values.

It works with any connection to the network, during its operation an icon appears in the taskbar that shows the activity, statistics, and working time of each connection separately.

You can use it to view your network traffic, data rate (send / receive), bandwidth, speed, network activity, network usage history, data stream (download / upload), usage statistics, tracking data transfer data sent, received data, data usage graphs, real-time statistics, real-time data rate diagram, speed graph, live stream graph, and more.

Finally it includes some other small utilities, ping, nslookup, tracert, ipconfig, netstat, arp, nbstat, hostname that can help you (you will find them in the utilities field).

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