Monday 23 July 2018

What are keyloggers and ways to protect against tracking


What are keyloggers? It is essentially malicious code that usually has as its main purpose usually the monitoring of the unsuspecting user's online behavior which is usually done in order to gain knowledge of the person who disseminated specific information such as entering credit card or bank account codes or other confidential personal information. Another reason is to spy on or monitor the internet activities of people who have been infected for some purpose.
They are malicious programs that run almost invisibly and record all the information you enter by then sending information to the person who has infected you with the keylogger. Keyloggers are very dangerous and can be used to steal your personal information such as their number. your credit card as well as your passwords and are especially dangerous for anyone using online transactions. If you suspect that you are infected with a keylogger, then it is advisable to avoid entering any personal information. Before removing the keylogger, you will first need to detect it. Detecting a keylogger is not an easy task. It can be installed in many places on your computer and is usually located in one of the system files.

Ways of dealing with

1 A simple way to protect yourself from keyloggers is to use proper security software. To address this threat we will use KeyScrambler Personal, a free anti-keylogging program that encrypts your keystrokes in real time to prevent the theft of your data by keyloggers and keylogging malware. The program protects your login credentials, credit card numbers, passwords, search terms, Java, Flash, PDF Forms, web email and more.

It works by encrypting your keystrokes and giving keyloggers "encrypted" and useless keys which practically means that even if someone has managed to infect your computer with keylogger they will not be able to read what you type. After you install the program from now on, whatever you type in your browser will be encrypted, something that is visually captured in the relevant bar of the application that appears at the time of typing.

Finally, I should note that KeyScrambler, in addition to its free version, is also available in two paid versions that cover other activities and applications. From the options of the application you can specify where on your screen you want it to appear or if you want it to appear only as an icon in the windows taskbar:

2A second way this time to see if a keylogger is working or not is described below. However, before removing the keylogger, you will first need to detect it. Detecting a keylogger is not an easy task. It can be installed in many places on your computer and is usually located in one of the system files. Keyloggers are highly risky in the sense that they can be used to steal your personal information such as your credit card number, passwords on your website or any other website that requires you to enter this website. use username and password and generally record what is typed on your computer.

But let's look at the steps we need to follow: Click on Task Manager. or alternatively press Ctrl + Alt + Del. You need to look at all the processes running at that time. Click the tab that says processes. There you will get information about all the programs, hidden and visible processes that are running. Of course this action requires some knowledge in order to be able to distinguish what are the normal processes running on a computer so that you can isolate the suspects.

You need to know what process needs to be completed before you can stop keylogger. There are many sites on the Internet that provide a wide range of information about each process. A very good site for information about the processes is Neube where there is a program Security Task Manager which you can download.

This will display information about each of the processes currently running, as well as let you know if it is dangerous or not. Then after finding the harmful processes, click on the process and then click on the end. The application also allows you to search the internet to find more information about the process you have chosen but also to submit if you want your own. The process you have selected should be terminated immediately. Once this is done, you are safe until you restart your computer. If the keylogger is not deleted, after restarting your computer, the keylogger will start recording it again.

Once you have stopped, do a full scan of your computer with your antivirus. There are several free antiviruses that detect keyloggers such as DR Web, AVG and most modern antiviruses. However, there are highly advanced keyloggers that are constantly evolving and can often get out of hand and thus remain undiagnosed.

Keyloggers are usually found in system files, and need a lot of attention on how to remove them without damaging our system. Remember the process keylogger name and restart your computer. After restarting your system, check again to see if it has been removed.

Nowadays, it does not mean a computer that does not have some kind of protection since now there are several programs of this kind on the internet, many of which are free, which will protect us from all those who want to put their hand in our pocket.
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