BIOS Beep Codes: Decode the motherboard error sounds


BIOS Beep Codes is a simple tool that will explain the importance of BIOS beep errors for PCs with motherboards that have BIOS from the companies AMI, AST, AWARD, COMPAG, IBM, PHOENIX. The usefulness of the program lies in the fact that in case there is a wrong connection with the motherboard of your computer or some damage we will be able to get information about the problem depending on the sound of the motherboard which is different for each type and problem. The program is portable, so you can save it to a USB flash drive and you can run it from any PC. Then select your BIOS type and click on the appropriate beep code to see a detailed description of the error as well as instructions on how to fix the problem. Very useful for those who have motherboards compatible with the Bios supported by the application.

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