The periodic table of chemical elements in a wonderful interactive whiteboard


The periodic table of chemical elements is a list, in tabular form, of all simple chemicals arranged according to their similarities and differences.

In this table, the elements are arranged in vertical columns called groups and in horizontal lines called periods appearing in ascending order of their atomic number.

The position and properties of each element were determined by the arrangement of electrons in the atoms (layers) of their atoms. Therefore the elements in the same column (of the table) have the same number of electrons in their outer layer in their atoms, and consequently have similar chemical properties.

While the elements that are in the same series (period) have their electrons distributed in the same number of layers (in the ground state), displaying similar physical properties.

The creator of ptable.com has made a wonderful interactive table containing the table of chemical elements which combined with the information he collects through his direct interaction with Wikipedia the free online encyclopedia provides the reader with a unique knowledge environment and through a beautiful scenic environment.

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