Saturday 26 March 2022

Whereby: Communicate via webcams online without software


The ability to chat on the internet via a web camera is a function that requires the use of specific programs that we must install on our computer and also to register in the service that supports it. 

With the use of the online service appear.in the data change since we no longer need to have any program installed on our computer and no registration is required except to receive the activation code. Just create your own channel by giving a name and then clicking the button Create. 

In the next step we determine the technical details, the camera that we want to use if we have more than one and the source of our sound. We are now ready to give the address of our channel to our friends so that they can connect with us and talk to them. 

Whereby uses peer-to-peer technology, which means that video streams are sent directly between you and the person talking to you. Nothing is stored on the server and all communication is encrypted for SSL communication security. 

In the free version of the application you can have a room URL, host up to 100 participants, unlimited private meetings and group meetings lasting up to 45 minutes   


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TAGS: Internet , webcams

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