Wise Disk Cleaner: Clean your hard drive of junk


Over time, junk files, temporary files, all kinds of system files and other things that you don't need at all accumulate on your computer. These junk files take up valuable hard drive space and slow down your computer.

Wise Disk Cleaner can delete these unnecessary files on your hard drive to free up disk space and make your computer run faster. It also provides many custom options and allows advanced users to clean more unnecessary files.

Equipped with advanced algorithms, Wise Disk Cleaner can scan and remove them in seconds, making it one of the most effective cleaners for windows. Cleans internet history and other traces on your computer protecting your privacy.

It also detects and cleans all other traces caused by Windows, and other applications. By diligently removing all these traces, your privacy will be well protected from prying eyes.

Improve your computer's performance by defragmenting and rearranging files on your disk. Fragmentation causes your hard drive to do extra work that can slow down your computer. Disk defragmentation can rearrange fragmented data so your disks and drives can work more efficiently.

-Disk Defrag- also gives you a clear graphical diagram of the selected drive, letting you know the drive's usage at a glance. You can also use it to analyze and defragment any external storage devices. 

In the settings, you can also create an icon -Clean in 1 click- and place it on the desktop. With this feature, you can clean junk files by just clicking the icon without opening Wise Disk Cleaner. The application is available absolutely free.

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