Tuesday 22 March 2022

ManicTime: Which programs do you use the most and how much?


ManicTime is an excellent application with which we can create a simple database with the statistics of our computer usage. 

This means that from the first moment we activate it, we will be able to see at any time how the use of our computer is distributed, that is, which programs we use the most and how much we use them during the day, week, month, etc. 

This may be of no concern to many, however, to others it may turn out to be a very useful advisor-guide, especially if their computer is also used by other people, and within a few days we will have formed an absolute picture of who they are. their favorite applications, which documents they open the most, which websites they visit, etc. 

The program is available for free, although at the beginning it will prompt you if you want to use its professional version which includes more features. However, you can only use its free version or even the full version for a certain period of time, after which if you do not wish to upgrade, you will automatically switch to the free one.

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TAGS: PC tools , desktop

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