Tor Browser : Anonymous web browsing for computers via Tor


Tor software protects your internet communications, is 'built' around a distributed network of volunteer hubs around the world and prevents anyone from seeing your internet connections and the locations you visit.

You can use Tor on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X without having to install any software. It can even run from a USB flash drive, (you won't need to do any setup). 

In short, you have the ability to surf with the maximum possible security since, among other things, your real ip does not appear anywhere. Another positive feature is the fact that you will not need to install and you can run it from a usb stick. Unlike other similar ip change programs I would say that it is one of the best since the response speed of the Browser is quite satisfactory.

To install the application run the torbrowser-install icon and install it on your stick. Now run the Start Tor Browser icon from within the Tor Browser folder and wait a while until you connect.

Once connected you will see the image below informing you that you have connected to the Tor network and your connection is now secure. From there you can browse anonymously. For the real reason press visit it What Is My IP or any similar website to see your ip.
OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows, Linux or macOS X, Android
Download   the Tor Browser application 

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