Sunday May 14 2023

Send Anywhere : Wireless file transfer between computers and mobiles


It may never have been so easy to transfer files between computers, between computers and mobiles and between mobiles. With Send Anywhere you can now exchange your files without having to register. 

All you need is a 6-digit key pairing device. Download the application on your mobile and computer. Now run the program on both devices and choose the role of each according to the case. 

That is, if you want to send files from the computer to the mobile or vice versa. Suppose we want to send a file from the computer to our mobile, click on send and select the file that you are going to send to the mobile and press share directly. 

Now click on your mobile on the Receive option, and finally, enter the number you see on the computer. on your mobile to download. 
Download the Send Anywhere app
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TAGS: PC tools , Android

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