Saturday 3 June 2023

Autorun Organizer: Manage applications that start automatically


Complete management for applications that start automatically when your system starts. Essentially, this is an application that allows you to add and remove applications from the startup folder, but it also allows you to choose to add a time delay when starting any program, so that your system is ready for use sooner.

The application can also determine the time delay caused by the applications running on your computer's startup, giving you details on how much they delay by providing you with general statistics for each of them.

Finally, the service VIRUS TOTAL  informs you about the quality of the applications and whether they have been classified as malicious. I highly recommend it.


  • Enables and disables applications that are set to run on windows startup.
  • Automatically checks for disabled records.
  • Performs bulk processing of autorun records.
  • Scores launchers (frequency of disabling and deleting entries)
  • Switch between different Windows boot modules.
  • Suspends the execution of programs. 
  • Displays a visual chart of Windows startup time.
  • Checks startup programs for viruses on VirusTotal (more than 60 antivirus programs).
  • Notifies you of new entries in the Windows startup list.
  • quick search. 
  • Automatically detects incorrect records.
    Download the Autorun Organizer application
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