HTTPS Everywhere: Protect your Internet browsing from eavesdropping and hacking


HTTPS Everywhere is an add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Opera that helps keep your data from being intercepted while browsing the Internet. It relies on HTTPS and should be your first choice especially if you use your computer on public Wi-Fi networks. 

Everywhere's goal is to enable HTTPS usage on popular sites that support it. HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is used to indicate a secure http connection. A link (URL) beginning with the HTTPS prefix indicates that the HTTP protocol will be used normally, but the connection will be made to a different port and the data will be exchanged encrypted. This system was originally designed by Netscape Communications Corporation to be used on sites that required user authentication and encrypted communication. Today it is widely used on the internet where increased security is needed because sensitive information is circulated (eg credit card numbers, passwords, etc.). 

HTTPS is mainly used when the transfer of sensitive personal data is required. The level of data protection depends on how well the security procedure described in the previous section has been implemented and how powerful the encryption algorithms used are. 

Let us clarify here, many credit card users believe that HTTPS completely protects their credit card number, but this does not mean that HTTPS uses encryption to transmit the credit card number from its computer user to the server and indeed the transmission is secure with the data reaching the server without anyone being able to steal it, however there is a possibility that hackers have attacked the server and from there have stolen sensitive personal data.

In any case, HTTPS is starting to enter more and more into our digital lives and our communications over the internet and what it does in simple words is to encode the communication between the user and the website that the user is visiting, which results in preventing data theft. 

For all the above reasons it is useful to use HTTPS where it is available, and in this sense the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has therefore proceeded to create a new plugin for the popular browsers Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. On its creator's website you can also download the add-on for Android

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