Electrodoc: A collection of electronic tools and electronic manuals for your mobile phone


ElectroDroid is a simple and powerful collection of electronic tools and electronic manuals. This is the free version, which includes ads. You can buy from the Android Market the PRO version to support its development, unlock more features and get rid of ads. 

 Included in the app are resistor color coding, SMD resistor color coding, coil color coding and related fields for Ohm's Law calculations, and reactive resistance calculations.

You will also find related field to calculate resistors, series or parallel, capacitor charging calculation, LED resistor calculation, calculations for LM317, for heat dissipation, battery life calculation, coil design tool, voltage drop calculation, PCB calculation, simple calculation filters, asynchronous NE555 calculations, decibel conversions, port output pins, (manuals (resistor table, resistor and capacitor table, capacitor marking codes, flow chart, symbols and abbreviations, circuit diagram symbols, SI unit prefixes, battery information, logic gates , algebra theorems, terminal information, and more.

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