Friday April 14 2023

Glasswire : Security application for windows


GlassWire is a security application for windows that displays your network activity in a simple graph while looking for any unusual behavior on the internet, which could perhaps be malware or some attempt to violate your privacy. It displays your current and past network activity based on traffic type, application and geographic location in a simple table displaying a graph. 

 The app lets you see which apps are sending data over the Internet and shows you their full path. Monitors Windows network security for domains or IP addresses known to be potential threats, networking, any changes to your file system, unusual changes, and more.

But here we should clarify something, GlassWire is not an antivirus, it is simply a security program that works with your antivirus and provides you with an extra protection, an extra line of defense I would say, against unwanted intruders.

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