GParted Live: Great application for separating and creating Partitions


An excellent distribution that provides you with the necessary tools for separating and creating partitions for your hard drives through an intuitive, and very clean graphical environment. The GParted LiveCD will run on most x86 machines with a Pentium II processor and above. After running it as a live cd on your computer select the language (it fully supports Greek dialogs) and finally press Start X to start.

If you want to run GParted Live from a USB stick, download first run UNetbootin and from the application menu check image disk and select the path where you saved the GParted Live iso file, now select your stick from the Drive field (Before running the application, plug it into a USB port on your computer) and press OK to start the conversion and wait a while until the necessary files are transferred to your stick.

From there, when you want to create or modify Partitions, put it on the stick on the computer you are interested in and boot from the stick (of course before that you should have defined the USB prototype as the first BOOT device through the Bios settings on your computer)

GParted Live 0.31.00

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