Tuesday 16 May 2023

MSI Afterburner: Speed ​​up your graphics card


It is well known that on laptops we can not do many things at the hardware level to increase their performance. The reasons are obvious since there is no room for a "hand". A laptop should be characterized in addition to its good overall performance depending on the processor, memory, and graphics card it has, mainly by stability.

However, there are some programs with which we can unlock our graphics card and increase the performance of our laptop. MSI Afterburner is a free software that takes on this difficult task. 

In essence, it is an overclocking application with the help of which we can tease the graphics card of our laptop and any computer in general. 

Which specifically gives us the ability to change the voltage, the operating frequency of the GPU, the memory on our graphics card and the speed of the fans it has.

 In general, the reasoning is as follows, we tinker little by little with the settings we want, apply the changes and if everything goes well, we try to push our card more. Of course, this does not mean that you should exhaust all possibilities and end it.

A small change in GPU core timing and graphics card memory, I think is enough to see the difference especially if your card is not that ΄΄powerful΄΄ I also recommend if you are not a power user to not bother with settings on voltage and fans and focus only on changing GPU and memory frequency.

After installing the application, click Settings, select the General tab and in the Copatilbility Properties option, check all the boxes and press OK. Restart the application and when you enter Windows, run the application again and see if your graphics card is unlocked, you will understand this if you see that you can change the frequency of the GPU Core Clock (MHZ) and Memory Memory Clock (MHZ).

Try raising the core frequency a bit and press Aplly. If everything goes well, tweak the memory frequency a bit and press Apply to save the settings, repeat the process by increasing the frequency step by step, but be careful not to overdo it. A range between 50-100MHz for the core and 50MHz for the memory I think is enough, although this depends a lot on the graphics card you have. 

Another feature of the application is the profiles. You can save each setting in a different profile and restore it by pressing the key you have set for each of them. 

In this way you can save, for example, in the first profile the normal operation of your graphics card and in the following ones you can create profiles with different operating frequencies and, depending on the case, the particular one is activated each time.

However, depending on the graphics card that the computer has, you will see the corresponding indications. So you may not be able to fully configure your card settings depending on its age and the settings allowed by the manufacturer

Download the MSI Afterburner application
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