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13 selected free protection apps for Android phones


The security of our data on our mobile phone is something that should concern us and we should take care of it from the first moment. Along with our protection, we should also choose the appropriate application that will help us manage, clean and optimize its performance. 

Therefore we should install the appropriate software for this purpose. Along with our protection, we should also choose the appropriate application that will help us manage, clean and optimize its performance.

Therefore we should install the appropriate software for this purpose. In this spirit we have gathered and present 13 of the best applications that will help us with this. The choice is yours.


Avast Mobile Security

Protect yourself from viruses & malware with Avast Mobile Security, the free antivirus app for Android. Get alerts when you download apps infected with spyware or adware. 

Protect yourself from email phishing attacks and infected pages. Enable VPN for secure browsing and access to paid streaming services when traveling abroad and get notified if any of your passwords are compromised by hackers. 

Avoid scams with advanced scans and alerts. With over 100 million installations, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus is more than just an antivirus. Automatically scan for viruses and other types of malware, such as spyware, trojans, and more.

Web, file and app scanning provides complete protection. See how much time you spend on each app and find the balance between your phone and your personal life. Clean junk files, system cache, thumbnails from image gallery, installation files and leftover files, save space andlock your photos with a PIN, pattern or fingerprint.

Once photos are moved to the Vault, they are encrypted and only accessible by you. Block infected links, trojans, adware and spyware (for safe and private browsing, e.g. in Chrome).

Check public Wi-Fi security, browse and pay securely from anywhere. The app uses device administrator rights. See which passwords have been compromised with a quick scan, and login details before attackers break into your accounts. This right enables you to remotely lock and wipe the device from my.avast.com.


Panda Mobile Security

Panda Mobile Security is one of the best free VPN-enabled Android antivirus that ensures your personal data on smartphones and tablets is protected from viruses, malware, and ransomware. 

Avoid prying eyes and access your favorite websites through a private, secure, virtual data tunnel.  

The app also includes free virus protection by scanning every app and all updates you download in real time, performing on-demand scans of your files and media content, and scanning any SD card.


Sophos Mobile Security

Free Mobile Security application that provides full functionality and protection for your Android devices without reducing performance or reducing their battery life. Helps you avoid unwanted software that can lead to data loss and if your device is lost or stolen with a remote lock to protect your personal information and even see where your mobile is. 

It scans the applications when they are installed, the applications already installed on both your device and storage devices, the applications that you use most or at certain intervals, it shows you potentially unwanted applications and protects you from hackers. 

It also gives you protection against losing or stealing your device by sending text commands from a predefined phone number, remotely locking your Android device and finally allowing you to locate your device using advanced technology (the device sends the latest its position before the battery runs out).

It also protects you from Spam with incoming text message (SMS) filters according to the rules you have set, blocks unwanted calls according to the filters you have set, e.g. , calls with a hidden user ID and finally protects your privacy by detecting applications that try to gain access to personal data, such as your address book and phonebook.


MobiWall Firewall

Free app that can help you secure your privacy and will protect your personal data by blocking threats. In this app, you decide what to block with simple rules created for by Mobisec.

You can enable protection with specific rules and check your smartphone activities by enabling statistics, so you will be able to discover any hidden activities. By default it blocks dangerous software that can damage your mobile.


Virus Total Mobile

The application checks the applications installed on your Android mobile phone by VirusTotal and informs you about malware (viruses, trojans, worms) on your phone and allows you to load any unknown applications and send them to VirusTotal. Be aware, however, that VirusTotal does not provide real-time protection.

VirusTotal Mobile checks the applications installed on your Android mobile via a free online detection service for suspicious files using 50+ Anti-virus applications.

Facilitates the rapid detection of viruses, worms, trojans, all types of malware and provides reliable results preventing any false positives. It is very important that in addition to individual files that we can submit for analysis is the ability to check and evaluate in terms of security websites, and ip address. 


Anti Spyware Detector & Finder

It is an advanced protection software where you can get information about your device, manage permissions, find hidden apps, find high-risk spyware, and perform diagnostics and repair of your system.

This is the main purpose of the app, and it focuses on privacy management for privacy purposes by giving you an overview of how your installed apps use different permissions. 

It includes a spyware detector to detect any malware or high-risk software on your device, as well as a detector of hidden apps installed on your phone. 

However, apart from these you can perform checks on your phone and test its hardware to view information of your device including sensors, camera, display, RAM, CPU and many more. 

However, keep in mind that the application does not replace the classic anti-virus that you must have installed, but works in addition to it, increasing the overall protection of your phone.

Finally, in addition to its other features, it gives you the ability to clean and optimize your phone.


Security Antivirus - Max Cleaner

Security is the most important thing that we should have secured on our mobile phone. We should protect our sensitive data like contacts, photos, messages on our mobile and more. 

How can you stay safe from viruses, Spyware, Trojans, malware, adwares, snoopers, phishing and WiFi spies? How will you find and remove any viruses?

Security Antivirus - Max Cleaner is a protection app for your mobile that will help you stay safe, protect your privacy and of course warn you about any suspicious files. 

But in addition to protection, it will undertake to clean and optimize your mobile from useless files. With a very clean menu and in Greek, and very easy to use, I think it is one of the best protection programs in its category.


Nova Security - Virus Cleaner

Nova Security not only provides you with a virus cleaning tool but also provides you with a service to protect your privacy. It keeps your device safe from hacking, viruses and malware in general. 

Backed by the world's leading virus database, Nova Security offers the most professional antivirus service that will prevent your device from being infected by any threat, malware, trojan. 

With AppLock, lock private apps with password and pattern to prevent your privacy from leaking. With Nova Security's Message Security, your private messages will be hidden and no longer displayed publicly. 

Many apps running in the background will slow down your phone. Nova Security can find and disable the app that was taking up too much memory. Finally, it cleans your mobile from useless or outdated files.


V3 Mobile Security

Complete antivirus solution for Android phones. Keep your phone and personal information safe without draining your battery. Certified global malware protection. 

Ranked #1 by AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives, global testing services with a 100% malware detection record. Designed for less battery usage and real-time monitoring capabilities. 

Scans apps before and after installation and apps installed on your phone, scans all files with access rights and potentially unwanted apps, tells you what each installed app can do in device manager, location tracking, access contacts and other sensitive information and finally, it improves the speed of your device.


Comodo Security Antivirus VPN

Keep your device safe from viruses and unsafe apps with real-time protection. Scan installed apps and local APK files in real-time and track every installation process. 

The app includes the following individual features: Cloud scan for virus protection, SD Card scan which enables you to scan your external SD cards to detect and delete threats.


NoRoot Firewall

Free firewall app WITHOUT requiring your device to be ROOT. You can filter the hostname/domain name, through a very simple menu, with granular access control and no suspicious permissions in the firewall application itself. 

It protects your personal information online and notifies you when an app tries to access it. All you need to do is simply press the Allow or Deny button. 

Allows you to create filtering rules based on IP address, hostname or domain name. You can only allow or deny specific connections of an application. It is the ideal solution if you want a reliable firewall for your phone.


Koodous Antivirus

Koodous, is an Android application that protects your device from malicious applications such as trojans, viruses or malicious ads. It is an open community of researchers analyzing and detecting malicious behavior in thousands of Android applications. After you install the application and run it it scans your phone and marks the applications defined as dangerous.


Phone Guardian VPN

Safe browsing and protecting our privacy online is becoming more and more essential these days. Phone Guardian is an app that helps you keep your personal data safe. It's simple to use, fast and completely FREE and provides you with your own VPN (Virtual Private Network), allowing you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet. 

Protects your internet traffic by scanning apps that may be sending your personal data. While you browse the web, it guards your personal data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Max adds an extra layer of protection so you can use your apps online with total peace of mind. 

Without registration or complicated settings, Phone Guardian keeps you safe while you share photos, shop online or chat with friends. Unlike traditional VPN services, Phone Guardian does not hide your IP address or physical location. 

 It helps protect your privacy and online activities when using WiFi. The app uses VPN technology to scan your internet traffic for unprotected data. 

If it detects unencrypted data while you're connected to an unsecured WiFi network, it will automatically encrypt that traffic to protect it from hackers and other incoming threats.
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