Trinity Rescue Kit: How to bypass the Windows password


The Trinity Rescue Kit is a free live Linux distribution specifically targeted at recovery and repair work on Windows computers. but it can be just as useful for Linux recovery problems. It contains many commands and facilities and provides solutions to many everyday technical problems we encounter in the world of computers.

Today what will concern us in this program is how with its help we will be able to reset the password in any version of windows so that we can enter our computer in case we have forgotten our password.

The way to achieve this task is very simple and should not bother you. Just follow the instructions in the steps below and in a short time you will be able to log in to your account.

After downloading the program we write it on a cd-dvd and start from it. The first image you will see booting with the Trinity Rescue Kit, click Enter to move on.

Select Windows password reset and press Enter.
On the next screen select interactive winpass and press Enter, type at the command prompt 1 and then press Enter.
Select it 1 Edit user data and passwords and press Enter.
Now you see a table with the names of the users who have access to your computer, where you see it enter the username to change: [Administrator} enter next to the name of the user whose password you want to reset and press Enter.
Select clear (blank) user password and press Enter.
We have now reached the end, the code as you see has been deleted, select it now ! in the upcoming years, while q to exit the menu, remove the CD from the computer and log in to the account you reset without password

How to run the application from USB FLASH

If you want to run the Trinity Rescue Kit through a USB stick, download   and run UNetbootin and from the application menu check 1) disk image and 2) select the path where you saved the GParted Live iso file, now select your stick from the Drive field (Before running the application, plug it into a USB port on your computer) and press OK to start the conversion and wait a while until the necessary files are transferred to your stick. ΕIt is understood that before running the program from your stick you must have set the USB standard as the first BOOT device through the Bios settings on your computer.

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