Saturday October 26 2019

VirusTotal: Check for suspicious files for viruses, worms, trojans and malware


VirusTotal.com is a free online scanning service that scans for suspicious files using 50+ Anti-virus applications. Facilitates the rapid detection of viruses, worms, trojans, all types of malware and provides reliable results preventing any false positives. It is very important that in addition to individual files that we can submit for analysis is the ability to check and evaluate in terms of security websites, and ip address.

At this point we should note something important. If a file is diagnosed as infected with a red indicator, it does not necessarily mean that it is infected, especially if the number of antiviruses that have diagnosed it as problematic is very small.

Thus, if a file has a 1-2 or 3 red mark and has been tested on all other antiviruses it will most likely be clean and the mark due to antivirus hypersensitivity. However, if during the check of a website it is diagnosed with even a red one, it is very likely that it has a problem and in this case we would recommend you to do a check with the online diagnostic as well. Sucuri  to be 100% sure.

This means that we can check the security of a website and see the potential risks that it may hide if we visit it.How it works is very simple, after visiting VirusTotal.com and if you want to check if one or more files contain viruses select the field files and press the button choose file to upload your files, then press the button scan it and wait a while for the application to scan and evaluate them.

The way to check a web page or any url is exactly the same as the previous one with the difference that for the check you have to select the field URL or in the search field enter the name of the website or IP you want to check and press the button scanit to start the audit. If the site has been recently checked it will show you a small box where it will tell you the checking time, from there click on view last analysis to view the test results or on the button Reanalyze to resubmit it.

In order to upload the files you consider suspicious you must be connected to VirusTotal.com. VirusTotal Uploader frees you from this process as you can now send any file you suspect through the application at any time. All you have to do is download the application and after installation, just right-click on any file under 32MB and select Send to VirusTotal and the scan results will be displayed in your browser. As you will see the results are displayed in a few seconds where you can now see them in detail. Available for Windows mac and linux (click here to download it).

Note that VirusTotal is not a real-time antivirus, so it is not a substitute for any antivirus product;.

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