Wise System Monitor : Free, easy-to-use Windows system monitoring tool


Wise System Monitor is designed to give you a simple way to monitor your computer's memory usage, CPU usage, all running processes and key hardware components.

Since you know what's eating up your RAM and CPU, which part of your computer is overheating, you can address them accordingly to ensure your computer's functionality.

Process Monitor provides users with a clear and tidy list of all user and system running processes along with CPU and memory consumption ratio and data transfer details. 

Users can terminate any process that is not necessary for the smoothest running of the computer in the Wise System Monitor interface. Even better, users can check the real-time network connectivity and upload/download speed of each process.

Hardware Monitor displays the information of main hardware components such as CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, hard disk, SSD, network card and sound card. Among the hardware specifications, there is also the real-time temperature of four most important devices: mainboard, CPU, graphics card and hard drive. 

The operating system displays accurate and detailed information about the Windows system you are using. Floating Window enables you to get your computer information at a glance. 

The floating window in the lower right corner gives users a quick look at internet speed, memory usage, CPU usage and temperatures.

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