Thursday April 7 2022

Face retouch: Edit faces and remove imperfections and other negative features


Free online application to help you edit faces and remove imperfections and other negatives. Automatically removes red eyes and skin imperfections (pimples, wrinkles, etc.), makes the skin appear matte and whitens teeth. Thanks to the advanced face detection algorithm the effect retouching is fully automated. 

So, first the algorithm finds the eyes in a photo, then it scans them for the red eye effect and corrects the color if necessary, similarly, it performs retouching on the skin analyzing its color removing the imperfections. In addition, the algorithm beautifies the appearance of a person by whitening teeth and whitening the eyes.

The fully automatic facial makeup retouching is completed by smoothing the skin, including the removal of shine, fat, sweat, blemishes and wrinkles from the face. At the same time it will enhance the color of the eyes and whiten the teeth for a perfect smile. 

Using it is very simple, after connecting to the application click on the Enhance Your Photo button and upload your photo from your computer or Facebook. The algorithm of the program processes the photo and in a few seconds you will get the result, from there and then click save and share to save the photo or share it. To see the differences in real time when the editing is finished, click on see original and immediately see the differences before and after.

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