Monday 21 November 2022

Anirok: Greek calendar for windows


Anirok is a Greek calendar for windows written from the beginning in a new programming language, with a more beautiful environment and a more readable way. Some features have been added and removed which make the program even more accessible to the user. For its proper operation it is required to have the application .DotNet framework 3.5 installed. At Anirok you will find information such as:

  • The interpretation of the day
  • The image of the Saint who celebrates
  • The phase and age of the moon
  • The image of the moon
  • The season
  • The zodiac sign (by choice also the Chinese zodiac sign). In both there is their interpretation
  • By selecting the old calendar-By selecting the Ancient Greek calendar (approximately) with the interpretation of the origin of the name in the months.
  • World events
  • Pictures from public holidays
  • Celebration
  • Time change notification
  • World days
  • Concise diary

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TAGS: desktop , Utilities

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