Friday 28 February 2020

Apowersoft Free Screen Capture: Capture the contents of your screen Online


An online screen capture tool that lets you easily capture and edit anything on your screen, including windows, menus, media files, web pages, webcam, and more. Supports devices ranging from Windows PC to Surface Pro, Mac. When you enable screenshot capture, the program will detect the window of any application on your screen immediately. Just navigate with the mouse in a window and click to capture. Images from application windows can be saved instantly at the click of your mouse.

For users who want to enhance or add something to their screenshots, a drawing tool built into this program will appear, allowing you to add text, arrows and shapes to highlight the image and if you want to Emphasize a specific part of the snapshot, you are also allowed to highlight any part with a handwritten note or in squares.

Additionally, you can use zoom in or out to help you edit your screenshot comfortably. The screen saver provides free cloud space for all users. Once you have completed a screenshot, you will have the option to send it to your own free space for easy delivery and also to save space on your hard drive.

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