Monday 24 September 2018

Toolwiz Care: Top Multi-Application for Optimizing and Cleaning Your Computer


ToolWiz Care is a complete, unique program, a really great tool designed to speed up your computer and fix errors and problems that arise out of control. Includes a collection of tools such as System Check-up, System Clean-up, System Speed-up, System Fix-up, System Back-up, System Satrtup Optimizer, System Virtualization and other 50+ powerful built-in utilities to enhance computer performance, security, and optimization of your system.

Designed for all levels of PC users, from beginners to advanced. The application includes dozens of features and functions that will probably confuse novice users so I find it necessary to briefly describe at least some of them.

The applications in detail

Timefreeze is an application to keep your system safe and protect your computer from unwanted changes. If you want to use it as a standalone version which we have presented in a previous post. 

- We have all noticed that when we are in front of the computer for many hours we have problems with our eyes. Easy care will protect your eyes with a scheduled warning that will be displayed on their screen at regular intervals. 

- Virtual Safe lets you create virtual disks that work like normal and you can save your files. The files stored in them are encrypted and can not be viewed without knowing the password you have set. 

- Game Booster focuses and disables every resource of your operating system and temporarily closes processes running in the background and other unnecessary Windows services, cleans your computer's RAM and generally optimizes it so that you can play your games smoothly.

- With Remote Backup, the remote file backup feature allows you to backup and download files from a remote computer without having to install any extra software on it.

-With the image editor (image editor) and with 30+ large built-in image filters, and 20+ built-in professional graphic tools you can modify your photos with just a few clicks.

- Password Manager can help you manage your account password to create highly secure passwords using lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation. These codes are extremely difficult to crack or guess. 

- With Duplicate File Finder you can scan all duplicate files in a specified path and delete them to free up disk space. 

- The File Undelete function ensures the recovery of data permanently deleted from the Recycle Bin or with the help of the Shift + Delete keys. 

- Disk Doctor helps you control your hard drive and operating system file system and gives you a complete report to check the results. 

- With Disk Cleaner you can clean your hard drive of temporary files, files stored in the Recycle Bin, invalid shortcuts, application logs, etc. 

- Registry Cleaner cleans your computer by removing junk registry entries that will slow down your system. 

- Fast Defrag freezes your hard drive with a smart mechanism to keep your PC in shape. 

- Finally, Startup Optimizer allows you to disable or delay the loading of programs that are not absolutely necessary when you start your computer.

 Although it no longer seems to be supported, however, the capabilities that make up Toolwiz Care a great free program that can not be easily found nowadays and that contains all the functions one needs to clean up optimize and rid your computer of many problems while always keeping it in shape. Will work with all versions of Windows

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