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Who does not remember Mortal Kombat, Superfrog, Aladdin, Arabian Nights, Bubble Bobble, Trolls, how do you feel now that you can run all these and many other games that you can definitely easily find by simply clicking on its icon of each game as if you were just running an application and without making any settings at all except maybe adding a joystick.

This is a really original idea that started from its creators to simplify the situation that existed with the labyrinthine settings required to run these games using an emulator in windows. In essence, this is a teased version of it WinUae which allows you to run your favorite games of the once queen of computers and top gaming machine of the time that today is of course a museum genre Female friend. There is good and bad news, the bad news is that all games and applications of version 2.5 can not play in windows 8 and Windows 10, however the good thing is that there is a later version 2.6 which is upgraded and with games ready to play in windows 8, 8.1 but also in windows 10

Settings for version 2.6

For those who have Windows 8 and Windows 10 you will need to download the new game versions. The selection is as follows, choose from the collection the game of your choice, however make sure it is version 2. 6
click on the name of the game you want to download and then select one of the two links you see in the photo: 
After downloading the application run it, in the example of this one as you see it contains many games together, select which game you want to play and to the right of the application appears a small box with very useful information, which keys for example should we use each time to play the respective game, if the game has a patch and how to activate it, etc.: 
After selecting our game, press Start to start the game. The game always starts in full screen, (something we can change through the settings) by pressing CTRL + F12 we can from full screen in a window and vice versa:

To exit the window or in full screen and make specific settings in the game, press the left or right mouse button and F12 together. 

To exit the game completely press CTRL + F11 together.
If you want to change some of the settings or add a Game pad or joystick do not forget to press configuration at the end and save your settings so that you do not have to do the same thing every time. Each setting concerns each game separately. You usually do not need to make any adjustments other than adding a Game pad or joystick.

Settings for version 2.5

If your computer is running Windows 7 or earlier, you can run games version 2.5. Let's see now what applies to the older game version 2.5. Here too the settings are similar to those of 2.6 and I quote them in detail: After selecting the game you want to run double click on the icon. Starting the program will probably show you an older or older versions of the same game that are built into the exe of the game, see for example running Mortal.Kombat.2in1.

The game will run immediately in full screen, pressing F12 you can make some additional settings such as changing the resolution of the graphics, adding a joystick to save your settings or save the game wherever you want and start playing from the point he has recently saved. By clicking the info you can see more details about the game.

How we adjust the resolution of our screen
In this tab we can adjust the sound. I suggest you leave it as it is
For those who want to play with Jostic or Game Pad, select it as you can see in the image below
Save your game or start where you saved it
Finally do not forget when you make the changes you want to save.

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