VueMinder Lite: Calendar for appointments, tasks and notes


with a simple glance at a transparent calendar located on the Windows desktop. You can share your calendars and reminders from your home or office online. 

It supports automatic synchronization with Google Calendar and Outlook. It even provides you with the ability to print calendars using a wide variety. This is a really great program with a lot of features without being difficult to use.

Specifically, with VueMinder Calendar you can view and update your schedule directly on the Windows desktop using a transparent calendar, create reminders containing event descriptions, photos, videos, music, or webpages, and send reminders automatically to your friends, family or colleagues via email or SMS text messages.

You can even share calendars and reminders online or through your local network, work with multiple people who share the same calendar, sync automatically with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, import events, tasks and notes from Excel, or export to Excel and many other file formats and finally integrate calendar sharing with many other calendar applications through the Icalendar template.

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