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20 Free Cleanup Optimizers for Windows


The performance of our computer over time and depending on the use drops gradually, this fact is due to the fragmentation of our hard disk, the accumulation of useless applications, leftovers from old programs, the fragmentation of the Windows registry and many other causes . However, there are many ways to keep your computer always in good shape.

Advanced SystemCare


Perhaps one of the best programs for computer maintenance and cleaning. It takes care of cleaning the computer by fixing and removing useless entries in the registry, useless temporary files, it can even find and remove spyware and adware, optimize the system, remove temporary files when we browse the internet, etc. 

It has functions related to the stability and good operation of the computer, for example you can choose to check the physical state of your hard drives, uninstall a program, or choose which application you want to run at startup or not. You can configure and disable services that run on your computer but are not absolutely necessary for its operation, thus speeding up its operation.

Glary Utilities


Free, powerful all-in-one utility. It offers many possibilities by providing us with a system of tools and utilities for cleaning, speeding up, maintaining and protecting your computer. It scans and cleans your computer, cleans up temporary files, removes junk files, fixes 'broken' shortcuts, and generally solves a wide range of problems. You can set the One-Click option to run only those processes you want with a single click.

Puran Utilities


A series of applications aimed at maintaining and optimizing our operating system. It includes cleaning our hard disk from the remains of applications, cleaning the windows registry (registry) and many more applications that will help us to always have our operating system in the best possible condition. 

You can repair the Windows registry, recover bad sectors on your hard drive using the chkdsk application, find and delete junk files from your computer, delete duplicate files, recover corrupted data and free up disk space, uninstall programs from your computer, recover deleted files from your hard drive, delete your files permanently so that they cannot be recovered, delete your history from various applications, for example from Internet browsers, enable and disable Windows services, disable or enable which programs you want to run when your computer starts, and many more useful functions that will help you keep your computer always clean and in good shape.

The application pleasantly surprised us after it proved to us in practice that it is a very powerful powerful tool not only because of the multitude of applications but also because of the quality and performance that characterizes it which is even available completely free of charge.

privacy eraser


All-in-one suite to protect your privacy and optimize your computer's performance, compatible with Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera, clears cache, browsing history, cookies , typed URLs, download history, recent documents, temporary files, recycle bin, DNS cache, error reports, third-party applications and more. At the same time, it removes obsolete and invalid registry entries for non-existent applications, fixes corrupted registry entries, optimizes your PC's performance and speeds up Windows startup. You can set it to run automatically every time you close your browser, or you can set it to monitor your Windows system in the background and detect when to clean up.

clean space


This program is designed to rid your computer of electronic junk and protect your privacy. Your computer junk includes many files (for example, cache and temporary files of various programs and Windows OS), web cookies, web browsing history, log files, index.dat files, registry entries, etc. on your computer, usually in a hidden system folder, which means, among other things, wasting gigabytes of valuable disk space. Clearing the junk cache will allow the Windows operating system and other programs to run more efficiently. Improving computer performance is one of the primary goals of the program, and no one will be able to track your online activity. Data is permanently deleted, so of course you stay safe.

HD Cleaner


Promising application that can help you clean up and optimize your computer's performance. Through a complete and explanatory menu you can see the status of your computer such as the protection of any firewall, the status of your hard drive and many other information. 

Now, in the area of ​​cleaning it includes cleaning the Registry, cleaning the Browser, cleaning the system and cleaning plugins that might be slowing it down. You can improve its startup time as well as optimize the operation of Windows and your hard drive. 

You can also configure some parameters such as automatic cleaning and monitoring of your computer. Finally you will find dozens more tools that may help you.

For example, you can uninstall programs, set which programs you want to run at startup, clean duplicate files, encrypt files, delete files with absolute security and many more small functions that will take your hands off.

 In conclusion, it is a modern tool for every user that you should definitely install on your computer.

Tweak Power


All-in-one suite designed for optimal speed and efficiency. It protects users from common PC problems while increasing their PC's performance and security. 

It includes advanced performance optimizers that help you achieve super fast app load times, work faster and make your games run smoother. Now, it's easier than ever to get a clean computer. Which in particular, remove unnecessary files, clean the registry, delete internet traces and optimize your computer with just one click to ensure more stability. 

 You can even schedule programs to auto-start, auto-play and manage scheduled tasks, uninstall applications, and troubleshoot typical Windows problems. 

Even by customizing Windows, give your Windows your own style by customizing their appearance, including colors, window frames, icons, buttons, Start and logon screen, Start menu, desktop view, explorer, and logon. 

Customize Internet Explorer, Firefox and your connections to your needs and sync your computer. With the economy mode give a long battery life by reducing the power consumption of the processor, turning off unnecessary background processes and reducing the power consumption of internal and external devices. 

In the Windows repair section you can fix a large majority of known Windows problems. Change system settings, input devices, drives, application programs, and effects to better tailor Windows to your needs. 

Finally, the restore function allows you to restore the computer's files and settings to a previous state when everything was working properly, and perform a full backup or restore the registry. 

Other features: File Separator lets you split files of any size into multiple files, quickly and easily find out about full system and device settings, browse the registry in Turbo mode, and get an overview of important system utilities.



It is a powerful software for Windows that includes many essential and useful features such as fixing windows system registry issues, clearing system trash, protecting your privacy, improving performance, speed and stability your computer, find duplicate files, monitor Windows activity and many more features that will make it easy for you to keep your computer in good shape. However, I must point out that some of the features in the free version of the product are not complete.

Red Button


Red Button is a powerful tool for optimizing and cleaning your Windows PC. It will remove junk files and unnecessary Windows components, free up hard drive space, erase internet activity tracks and your digital fingerprints, protect privacy, clean and optimize registry, enable hundreds of hidden settings of Windows, increasing the overall performance of your computer. 

It includes a huge number (hundreds) of functions, with an incredibly small size. Before pressing the button, click on the Features option and activate the functions you want. In conclusion, this is a very useful application with performance inversely proportional to its size

WinOptimizer FREE 


Ashampoo WinOptimizer FREE speeds up, cleans and fixes Windows. It is not only a cleaner but also provides system maintenance and custom utilities. Improve your security and protect your privacy with just a few clicks, This optimizer not only speeds up your computer, but removes unnecessary services and processes. It also cleans up the startup folder for faster boot times and more disk space. 

Internet Cleaner eliminates junk files created while browsing the web or downloading. Clear browser cache for all installed browsers and delete history-related files and other objects, even across multiple user profiles! Clean your computer of junk files and reclaim disk space! 

It also provides individual configuration options for processing Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, and comes with extensive analytical features that include not only disk space usage, but also your PC's benchmarks to determine system performance, processor and of the hard disk. 

More information on system and hardware components is also available with details on installed hardware and software. It also has two powerful modules for customizing Windows and protecting your privacy. 

AntiSpy takes care of telemetry, folder sharing, remote access and update settings, while Win10 Privacy Control allows users to disable location services, cloud sync, Cortana and many other features related to protecting private life. 

This will not only help you protect your privacy, but will also save valuable system resources. When deleting sensitive data, it is important that the files cannot be recovered. File Wiper deletes files permanently and makes them unrecoverable, even for special data recovery tools. 

Finally, it can split large files, e.g. to put them on separate storage volumes and recover accidentally deleted files - unless they were deleted with File Wiper, of course! The program is available absolutely free, and the only requirement is to register to get the registration code.

Temp Cleaner


To keep your computer in good working order, it is important to ensure that any clutter and unused files are removed on a regular basis. Temporary files stored on the hard drive can fill up Temp folders, however regular maintenance can help speed them up. 

Temp Cleaner is a small, free software that will help you free up a lot of space. It can easily clean the TEMP folder. and only deletes unused files in "%temp%" and "%systemroot%\temp" folders, however some files and folders may not be deleted if used. 

The application does not have any menu and it is enough to run the TempCleaner executable file and on the right side of your computer you will see a small pop-up message informing you that the folder has been cleaned.

Wise Game Booster


Wise Game Booster is designed to increase your PC's performance by optimizing its settings, terminating unnecessary programs and stopping irrelevant services with just one click, limiting your PC's services to the bare essentials. 

It allows you to add the games installed on your computer to the "My Games" field, so you don't have to search for them. Here you can manage your games and check the information of each game. 

It optimizes relevant system settings for better stability and faster speed, turning your computer into a ΄΄ real gaming machine΄΄. Of course, don't expect it to perform miracles, but it will definitely help you play your games smoother and faster.



Over time, your computer starts to fill up with old and unnecessary files. Smart Disk Cleanup is a free application that provides a safe and easy way to clean junk, duplicate and large files. In just a few minutes you can safely and easily free up several GB of disk space. 

This way you can clean up unnecessary duplicate files that can take up many GB of disk space. Now with a quick scan you can find, preview and remove duplicate files, photos, music files and videos. 

If you have old large files that you no longer need run a file scan to find files that are safe to clean up and get rid of as you no longer use them. 

 Finally, free up extra disk space by cleaning temporary files such as log files, app cache files, browser cache files, leftovers, and more by emptying the Windows Recycle Bin.

Advanced Disk Cleaner


Free program that helps you easily find and clean all junk files on your computer. It quickly scans your drives and displays junk files so you can decide which ones you want to remove. It is designed for efficient and pleasant operation, making it ultimately a very good choice for keeping your computer healthy. Works on all versions of Windows.

Wise Disk Cleaner


Over time, junk files, temporary files, all kinds of system files and other things that you don't need at all accumulate on your computer. These junk files take up valuable hard drive space and slow down your computer. 

Wise Disk Cleaner can delete these unnecessary files on your hard drive to free up disk space and make your computer run faster. It also provides many custom options and allows advanced users to clean more unnecessary files. 

Equipped with advanced algorithms, Wise Disk Cleaner can scan and remove them in seconds, making it one of the most effective cleaners for windows. 

Cleans internet history and other traces on your computer protecting your privacy. It also detects and cleans all other traces caused by Windows, and other applications. By diligently removing all these traces, your privacy will be well protected from prying eyes. Improve your computer's performance by defragmenting and rearranging files on your disk. 

Fragmentation causes your hard drive to do extra work that can slow down your computer. Disk defragmentation can rearrange fragmented data so your disks and drives can work more efficiently. 

-Disk Defrag- also gives you a clear graphical diagram of the selected drive, letting you know the drive's usage at a glance. You can also use it to analyze and defragment any external storage devices. In the settings, you can also create an icon -Clean in 1 click- and place it on the desktop. With this feature, you can clean junk files by just clicking the icon without opening Wise Disk Cleaner. The application is available absolutely free.



Free program that cleans and frees up your disk space quickly and tirelessly, a real guardian of your privacy. You can delete cookies, the most recent browsing history, temporary files, and logs. It is designed for Linux and Windows and cleans the remnants of at least 90 applications including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and many more. In addition to deleting, BleachBit includes advanced features such as shredding files and clearing free space on your hard disk to hide traces of files deleted by other applications. If you download the portable version no installation is required.

Cleaning suite


If your computer is getting slower and slower and your hard drive is overloaded, then it's time for a thorough cleanup of your system. However, what data can be safely deleted and which is still required for the smooth running of windows and programs? 

The Cleaning Suite gives the answer! A total of six assistants analyze your system and allow deep cleaning work. For example, you can delete temporary files, clear your browser history, and cookies from all popular Internet browsers, and prevent the installed applications and tools from launching automatically when the system starts. 

The Windows registry can also be optimized. In addition, the Cleanup Suite provides advanced features for the Windows Recycle Bin. A reset center provides the ability to undo certain actions of the software at any time. The detailed log also provides information about the entire cleaning history.

Wise Care 365


Clean the Windows registry and junk files from your PC. Protect your privacy and help your computer be safer and faster. The application enables you to optimize and speed up your computer. Removes invalid Windows registry entries, cleans junk files, browsing history, invalid shortcuts, your web traces, cache, cookies, passwords, and files with specific extensions allowing Windows to run faster freeing up memory and more space on your hard drive. But in addition to the classic cleaning, it will protect you from applications that try to make modifications without your permission and will detect and stop any process that tries to secretly change the Windows registry.


PC Manager


On official microsoft website there is a new application called PC Manager which gives users an overview of their system health. The app can help users clean up temporary files, manage running apps, and track updates, all in one place. 

The cleanup tab lets you find temporary files, including things like system logs, and delete them to free up space. Likewise, the app lets you view running processes to see what might be using system resources, something you would normally do with task manager. It may also suggest disabling certain apps at startup to improve performance. 

 Pressing the main "boost" button will delete temporary files and free up memory, which could be useful on older computers. The public beta of PC Manager has appeared on an official Microsoft website, but the website is in Chinese. It is designed for Windows 10 and above and is aimed more at laptops and low-end PCs.



Do you know why your computer is no longer as fast as it was when you first got it? This is due to the accumulation of junk files and other data on your system combined with poor arrangement of important files. Run it and the difference will be immediately noticeable. 

Apps will launch faster, and your games will run better. Running DiskMax from time to time is recommended to always keep your computer in shape Even if you are an experienced user, DiskMax will serve you as it automates all the tasks required to keep your system clean and fast. 

It automates the emptying of the recycle bin (if defined), the cleanup of installation debris and debug information. Clears History, temporary Internet files, Cookies (if set), recent permissions list, explorer cache and Windows error logs. 

Performs, cleanup of Windows cache, unused legacy routers (on Vista, if specified), debugging information, web logs, temporary cached information, repair information, DLL deletions, log files, and temporary files.
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