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9 best free programs to surf anonymously


Anonymity is a big special chapter in the field of communication and it usually concerns when we refer to it in internet communication and about which tons of ink has been spilled. 

Of course, we cannot analyze it in detail through a simple article, but we should explain and clarify in simple and understandable words a few things about her.

When we refer to anonymity we mean nothing more than the technical possibilities that technology gives us to hide our true electronic footprint. In order to be able to bypass the communication of our computer with the servers of each website we visit and the recording of our IP, we can use many ways to bypass them, using various methods of encrypting our connection.


There are many reasons why one wants to be anonymous and we are not referring, of course, to those who through this method try to gain personal benefits to the detriment of some third parties, but to the lack of protection either due to ignorance or lack of relevant legislation of the ordinary user. We all know that at least in modern states a person is not allowed to undergo arbitrary interventions in his private life, family, residence, correspondence, nor insults to his honor and reputation. 

"Everyone has the right to these fundamental goods and there are laws that protect them from such interventions and insults." he does not want his personal data to be in public view.The reasoning is this, if a stranger approaches you on the street and asks for your information will you give it to him? Why should you do it on the internet?

There are laws at both national and European and global levels that guarantee this right. But their implementation is another big issue. Users should be aware of the terms they are communicating with but at the same time they should understand that there is no complete anonymity, and at the same time they should always be educated and informed about the available technology and its possibilities.

Each computer when it enters the internet gets an electronic ID ip (Internet Protocol address) which is nothing more than a unique number used by the devices to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol standard. Every device that belongs to this network, such as routers, computers, servers, printers, Internet fax machines, and telephones, has its own unique address.

To make it even more understandable, an IP address can be considered the equivalent of a home address or a phone number. Just as each home address and phone number correspond to a single building or telephone, so an IP address is used to uniquely identify a computer or other device connected to the Internet. This electronic ID is recorded as soon as we access the Internet on our provider's servers and follows us wherever we navigate.

In order to be able to bypass the communication of our computer with the servers of the respective website that we visit and the recording of our IP we can use many ways to bypass them, using various methods of encryption of our connection. 

Usually good programs and various anonymity services use, along with encryption methods and anonymous servers. The anonymous servers redirect the path of our IP and at the same time encrypt it, in simpler words they undertake to replace the communication of our computer by communicating with the internet world with their own IP but keeping ours secret.

Nevertheless, although from a technical point of view there are many ways to hide one's true identity, in practice it is impossible to achieve being completely invisible or truly anonymous on the internet as at least some people want to present it for reasons that are not present. to analyze, however, this does not mean that you should neglect to implement some basic measures that will hinder the efforts of some experts.

Simply put, it does not mean that the absence of complete anonymity on the internet should lead you to think of offering your personal information north to every expert. Internet tracking and detection technology has come a long way, but so has the defense and response.

Rules of Safe Web Browsing

  • Do not give your real details to anyone.
  • Do not upload personal photos or anything related to your personal life.
  • Do not save credit card and bank account numbers on your computer.
  • You have a good antivirus installed on your computer that you update daily.
  • Do not open emails from strangers, especially when they contain attachments.
  • Always clear your computer's browsing history especially if you are using a shared computer from the various temporary files there are endless programs for this purpose many of which you will find on our website.
  • Use secure DNS services.
  • Use anonymity programs and services as appropriate.

- Finally, in case you wish to try an anonymity program you can choose any of the best free programs available we have gathered for this purpose.

The programms


OnionFruit Connect

OnionFruit Connect is a lightweight, streamlined Tor connection tool that allows the user to connect their computer to Tor networks in seconds. It acts as a proxy server, meaning that any application (Browser) it uses will be routed through the network. 

Tor is a group of computers structured in such a way as to give its users anonymity on the Internet and routes Internet traffic through a global voluntary network of servers in order to hide a user's location or traffic usage from anyone conducting Internet tracking or analyzing web traffic;

Using Tor makes it difficult to track a user's online activity, including the pages you visit, web posts, instant messaging, and other online media. You do not need a different Browsers, you can use any. 

The application starts the tor service and then modifies the proxy settings to route most of your applications through the tunnel created by tor. When you see the page that states that you are logged in, all your internet data passing through the tunnel is now encrypted. 

Each site you visit is routed through a different set of servers, making it "impossible" to locate you. The mode of operation is very simple, after running the application you have to activate it. As you can see, the application is disabled by default, so all you have to do is enable it and select the country from which your Ip will be displayed. 

However you can skip this step and let the program choose the right location for you. From there you will see a page open in your Browser informing you that the connection was successful. Now, you can browse completely anonymously, with a different Ip from your real one.

ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy


Top program of its kind mainly due to its very easy operation since we do not need to make any special settings. Download the program and run it, on the right side of the program menu we select Anonymous Proxy, specifically we choose from which country we want to appear to be surfing, immediately after we press connect the proxy and wait very little until the connection is created (we see this from the program bar that will show us the indication 100%). From there on and for the real reason check it out by visiting whatismyipaddress on tracemyip or anywhere else similar website to find out ip change.

Tor Browser


Tor software protects your internet communications, is 'built' around a distributed network of volunteer hubs around the world and prevents anyone from seeing your internet connections and the locations you visit. 

You can use Tor on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X without having to install any software. It can even run from a USB flash drive, (you won't need to do any setup). In short, you have the possibility to surf with maximum security since, among other things, your real ip is not shown anywhere. 

Another positive feature is the fact that you will not need to install and you can run it from a usb stick. Unlike other similar ip change programs I would say that it is one of the best since the response speed of the Browser is quite satisfactory. To install the application run the torbrowser-install icon and install it on your stick.



SoftEther VPN is a free software developed at Tsukuba University in Japan. This is a high performance VPN with full compatibility for many devices. SoftEther VPN also accepts OpenVPN and MS-SSTP VPN Clients. Just install the VPN Gate Client Plugin and it will allow you to connect to any of the public VPN network servers. 

As described in the section on how to provide your computer as a VPN server for the VPN gateway, you can set up the SoftEther VPN server and enable the VPN Gate service (which must be enabled manually) so that your computer can host a VPN service as a member. of the VPN Academic Experiment.

In conclusion, in simple terms, you can use VPN Gate Public Relay Servers to bypass the firewall that exists in some countries to browse blocked sites. You can even hide your IP address to hide your identity while browsing the Internet and protect yourself by using strong encryption while using public Wi-Fi.



We have published several articles in the past regarding programs that protect the privacy of our communications and offer anonymity. We decided today to make a small report presenting the windscribe VPN after we tried it and distinguished it for its quality and performance. 

Windscribe is a first class VPN service since even in its free version it offers us 10-15 GB Bandwidth every month. The service covers the real IP address and gives you unlimited and private access to entertainment, news websites in more than 28 different countries.

The service encrypts your activity, never leaks DNS information and will never monitor you. This prevents the leakage of your personal information and at the same time prevents hackers or other malicious people from stealing your data while you are even using public Wi-Fi.

The method of use is very simple. After downloading the application, install it on your computer, register for the service (it is free) and confirm your e-mail. This will give you 10 GB available per month. Report the service on Twitter now and add another 5. In its free version you can use anonymity services from 8 different countries.

Chris PC Free VPN Connection


Using the free VPN connection you can connect to VPNs from the USA, free VPNs from the UK, free VPNs from France, free VPN servers from Germany and other countries. This way you can access content that can be selectively filtered or information that is blocked in your country / region. Websites that have been accessed will never know your location, as they will see the IP address of the VPN server.



Ultrasurf is a product of Ultrareach Internet Corporation. Originally created to help internet users in China gain free internet access, however, due to its exceptional simplicity, it has become one of the most popular anti-censorship software in the world, with millions of people using it for to circumvent internet censorship.

UltraSurf also enhances our security on public Wi-Fi networks, hides IP and encrypts communications. Users in countries without internet censorship can use it to protect their privacy and internet security. Available for free and does not require installation. It does not install any files on the computer and does not leave any registry edits after its release. In other words, it leaves no trace of its use.

To completely remove the software from the computer, the user needs to delete the file. The software works by creating an encrypted HTTP tunnel between the user's computer and a central proxy server, allowing users to bypass firewalls and censorship. The software uses sophisticated, proprietary anti-blocking technology to overcome internet filtering and censorship by constantly changing IPs.



Virtual Private Networks (or VPNs) are secure networks with an encrypted connection between the computers that make them up. They are basically computers that are connected to a common network and can "talk" to each other without a third party being able to intercept the communication. A worrying fact for many VPN providers is that they are in countries where they are required by law to have low standards regarding the security of their customers' data. 

This essentially seriously undermines any claim to offer genuine protection of your privacy and security. However, this is not the case with the present application and the possibilities that are created are endless. as you can bypass the internet restrictions and unlock all the websites that for some reason are locked for your area, access websites that have been censored or banned by governments, or even link to them at school or school your workplace.

You can even browse the Web anonymously and prevent websites from being tracked and targeted with annoying ads as Betternet changes your IP so that your network identity is covered and your internet activity is hidden. Using the application is very simple.

After installing the application run it and press connect. If you want to verify the security of the application, you can connect to any IP information website such as whatismyipaddress to verify that your real IP is nowhere to be seen. 

The application is absolutely free with no time limits, however, the paid version offers more options, such as choosing the country from which the IP will be seen



Psiphon is an open-source application based on leading research-driven security and networking technologies that provides anonymous access to the internet. By its very nature, it protects your computer while accessing it from various WiFis you might connect to by creating a secure, private tunnel between you and the internet. 

It is a global network with thousands of servers and different points that facilitate your access. No registration required, just download the app and log in for free. It includes the largest selection of protocols of a VPN and configuration options with custom proxy settings. 

The app is designed so you can access the internet and services you want, even if they are blocked where you are.
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