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19 free hard disk and SSD diagnostics and optimization management software


Hard drives and most recently SSDs are one of the most important peripherals of a computer and we should always keep them clean and in shape not only because this will give them more years of life but also for the overall performance of our computer. So we have selected 19 of the best free programs that will help us manage, diagnose, and optimize them.

PassMark DiskCheckup is a small application that allows the user to monitor the characteristics of a hard disk through the SMART function and is informed about the provision of its technical characteristics but also about information related to its proper operation, so that its administrator can get detailed information and determine a possible future failure or damage. DiskCheckup also displays information about the device, hard disk geometry, serial number, model number, average rotation rate, and more.
Storing data on your computer hard drive is not guaranteed forever. Without proper care you can lose valuable data on your hard drive over time which can be prevented to some extent with DiskFresh. It is a simple but powerful tool that can refresh the data enabling the hard disk controller to rewrite the analog signal that stores the data, thus making your disk more reliable for storage.
DHE Drive Info is a small portable application that can help you to see technical features and functions on your hard drives in SATA I / II / III mode, ATA 16 to 133, PIO) such as security features, features (NCQ, TCQ, TRIM , HPA, DCO, Freefall control,), Log status, connection temperature, SCT, temperature history and more.

Diagnostic tool for your hard drives. It can monitor all the hard drives on your computer and inform you with a detailed report about them. These include driver status, spin-up time, unit temperature and many other real-time updates. For it to work properly make sure you run it with administrator privileges.
In a previous post we talked about protection issues and possible problems with hard drives. Today we will have the opportunity to add to our toolbox another remarkable program that will allow us to determine with great accuracy if there are problems with our hard drives, more specifically if the hard drive to be examined has damaged sectors, "bad sectors". "Bad sectors" are a sign that our hard drive is nearing the end of its life and that it is no longer safe to store our data, which will sooner or later lead to significant or complete hard drive data loss where found problems which means we need to replace it as soon as possible. No installation required.
HDD Guardian is a tool for searching your hard drive data. With HDD Guardian you can investigate the health of your hard drive, which will help prevent data loss due to damage. The key features of HDD Guardian are: Easy overview of the device, with analysis of temperature, general health and information on any damaged areas, monitors virtual devices, displays device identity information, performs self-test and displays their results enables SMART activation, deactivation, automatically collects offline data (automatic testing is performed by the device every four hours) as well as automatic storage of specific vendor characteristics, displays feature information and graphs, displays device error log, allows set behavior behavior alerts support for external devices (USB), and host stations.
 Solid-state drives are the best way to speed up your PC. Neither a new graphics card, nor even a new processor, will have that much of an effect. SSD prices are constantly falling and they are clearly very fast: they read information much faster than hard drives. They are immune to vibrations and do not heat up with use. SsdReady for Windows is designed to predict how long an SSD will run on your system.
Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp is a valuable new free application that will help us optimize our hard drives in a very short time. With large, easy-to-read keys and tabs it offers all the basic functions, fast, as it only takes a few seconds to scan the whole Your drive, with the most advanced settings, safe and secure, is designed in such a way that it rebuilds and optimizes hard drives safely, without problems on the hard drive and the data stored on it.
SSD diagnostic tool. Solid state drives (SSDs) are data storage devices that use solid state memory technology to store data, and this is an essential difference between traditional hard drives (HDDs), which are essentially electromechanical devices. containing a rotating disk, and moving parts of read-write heads. Unlike classic hard drives, they do not contain moving parts, are less vulnerable to vibration, less noisy and have a shorter access and idle time, another advantage is that they use the same interface as classic hard drives.

This is a small simple application for diagnosing your hard drives, so that you can be informed about their performance, technical details and in general their complete technical characteristics and their general operation. It also supports SSDs. No installation required.
SSD-Z is an information tool for SSDs with parallel support for classic hard drives. Using a database, you will see information about your SSD but also useful information about your disk devices such as SMART information and the layout of partitions. Displays SSDs in green and hard drives and other devices in orange
HDDScan is a free program for HDD diagnostics. It supports IDE (ATA) standards SATA HDD, RAID arrays, external USB / Firewire hard drives, flash cards and can prove to be a useful tool for diagnosing RAID arrays, USB Flash SSD drives. The program can test the storage device for any errors (badblocks and damaged sectors), supports SMART features and allows you to change some hard disk parameters, such as AAM, APM, etc. HDDScan can ultimately serve as software for performing regular backup health tests, so you will be able to avoid data loss and back up your files before the problem occurs. Additionally, the software can be used to view the current temperature and performance of your hard drives.

SSDs (INTEL) Disk Management Software that lets you view current Solid-State Disk Drive (Intel SSDs) drive information, including model number, capability, firmware release, good disk condition, estimated estimated lifespan SMART features (also available for hard drives) Identification of device information (also available for hard drives and non-Intel SSDs) Optimizing SSD performance, optimizing performance in RAID 0 wiring and more.
Measure read and write speeds on SSDs, CD-ROMs, USB devices and network servers in Kilobyte, Megabyte or even Gigabyte per second and compare their capabilities with others. Here you will find a huge database that will help you see the capabilities of your device in relation to others.
Supplemental management software designed to help you maintain and maintain the operation of your OCZ SSD. You can even upgrade your SSD firmware to improve performance and stability. It also includes a Benchmark to determine the performance of your drive, details about it and finally allows you to monitor the temperature and health of your SSD in real time
A smart application that analyzes your disk and highlights any problems before they cause data loss, reads this information and displays it in a window. The application has been optimized specifically for Windows 10 and what it actually does is increase the performance of your SSDs after performing a full analysis by disabling junk services and any unnecessary registrations. You can also view drive information and additional information about your SSD. It also displays general information about the hard drives installed on your computer. You can see, for example, the storage capacity and how much space your data takes up on your hard drive. Finally, you can also view SMART data. SMART technology is a monitoring system built into hard drives and solid-state drives (SSDs) that aims to detect, analyze and display information on various indicators related to the reliability and "coolness" of the hard drive with the intention of being able to predict any hardware failure in the future.
CheckDrive is a state-of-the-art software that offers you an easy way to check your computers hard drives and SSDs for errors. Displays information about your disks in real time and monitors the values ​​of your hard disks throughout its operation and alerts you immediately after any errors occur, so you will know immediately if something goes wrong. with your hard drive. To check if a hard disk has errors, run the application and you will see a question mark next to each disk, which means that the disk has not yet been checked. Now click on the Check button and if everything goes well you will see you will see the indication that your disk has no problem.
It is a small, portable remarkable application that can help us evaluate the performance of SSDs and draw conclusions about its overall performance.
An application that tests SSDs and highlights their true performance. Select the SSD you want to test, press the -All- button and wait for the test to finish. Gradually you will see in the application panel the performance of your disk per test. No installation required.
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