6 selected free slideshows


Are you looking for a great program to make Slideshows with your favorite photos? Choose and create your own Slideshows with whichever of the 6 best free programs we present suits you best.



Free app to convert images to videos. You can drag and drop the photos to change their order or rotate them with one click, add some effects and transitions, optionally add a caption and finally if you wish add your favorite mp3 that will play while you enjoy your photos. To create your presentation follow the steps below:

To work with the application, select from the application menu new project or alternatively click on the + folder to create your Slideshow. Give it a name, specify where you want to save it, choose its aspect ratio, its total length and, if you wish, add the mp3 of your choice. 

Click now, tools- import images and add your images. Set the display mode or add the effects you want and finally, press from the menu of the application tools-movie rendering and choose your movie profile and the format you want, now press start and it will start converting immediately. Depending on the template, the quality and the format you have chosen will be the time required until the conversion is complete.

4K slideshow maker


This is an impressively simple, yet very powerful slideshow maker. Just add your favorite photos from Instagram or your computer, choose the music you want to accompany it, and choose beautiful effects and transitions. Then click on the slidewhow button, select the video format, and resolution quality and wait a while until the video is created.

PhotoStage Slideshow


Creating SlideShows has never been as easy as with Photostage Slideshow. At the same time, you can adjust the quality accordingly by choosing the final format and dimensions of the video. In addition, you can set the switching time between the photos and choose the effects with which they will follow each other. Drag and drop your images to organize slides or turn a folder of images into a slideshow with Quick Create. It includes several effects including zoom, crop, fade, pan, and more. Add as many photos and video clips as you want and add captions, music or narration and save the presentations to DVD, or save them in any video format so you can watch it on your computer, or even upload it to Youtube or generally on the Internet or view them from mobile devices.

Bolide Slideshow Creator


Bolide Slideshow Creator is a Slideshow maker application and is one of the best free Slideshows solutions by saving a slideshow as AVI, MKV FLV, MP4 or WMV. If you want to share your Slideshows with others, you can upload your file to Youtube or Facebook. The simplicity of the application as you will see for yourself is evident from the first steps. So you don't have to waste your time looking for difficult to understand manuals to find the steps you need to follow. It supports almost every image format, such as MP3, AAC, WMA, M4A, MP4, OGG audio files support for background music, allows you to add dozens of transition effects and save your videos in MKV, WMV, MP4 format video files , FLV. Depending on the quality of the photos you add and the quality of the video you choose, the output video file can be from 128x160 to 1920x1080 pixels (FullHD). It will run on all windows.

Alternate Pic View EXESlide


Maybe there is no other application so small and simple that through a very simple menu can make and convert your photos to Exe, GIF, SWF (Flash Slideshow) and AVI (video) files. From the application menu, select Edit and add the folder with the photos you want to convert. After making your selection, click View-Thumpnails so you can view your photos as thumbnails. Select a file and depending on what exactly you want to do choose one of the following. 

With Create executable file we can make exe files (executable files), by clicking on them we can see our photos as slideshows, with create Gif animation we turn our photos into animated images, with Create SWF we run the photos in a file flash, finally by choosing AVI Clip we convert the images into videos.

There are some additional options in the program such as adding music to the Slideshows, defining the time that one photo will follow the other, the length of time that each photo will appear, the resolution you want it to have, even compressing the final file so it takes up less space.

MiniTool MovieMaker Free


MiniTool MovieMaker is a free, powerful software for Windows that will help you create amazing video clips in the simplest way possible. It has tons of features and can help you to trim, trim, split, merge, rotate, mix videos, choose cool effects, speed up or slow down video and much more. In simpler words I would say it is probably the most ideal software to create realistic photo collections and keep your memories alive by collecting special moments in your XNUMXD photo album create a video clip to show your love to your parents for your wedding, or choose to create a photo gallery of your family. In conclusion, it is an amazing piece of software that perfectly fulfills its purpose for which it was created and that sets the only limit as your imagination.


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