17 Featured Free Image Capture Programs for Windows


Many times we find ourselves in the need to record a specific area on our computer screen or even the entire screen for various reasons. In this case we use the well-known ΄΄΄image capture΄΄ programs. For this purpose we have collected and present the best.



ShareX is an open source program that allows you to take screenshots from any selected area with a single key, save them to your clipboard, upload them to the hard drive over 25 different file hosting services, can capture screenshots with different shapes such as rectangle, rounded rectangle, elliptical, triangle, polygon and freehand drawing, you can upload images, text files and other file types. Finally, by selecting Screen Recording (FFmpeg) you can record in video format or by selecting Screen Recording (Gif) you can record in Gif animation format.



Many times we find ourselves in the need to take a screenshot of important pieces of information on our computer, from the web browser, or from various applications. 

Photon is a simple program for taking screenshots, so you can now easily save what you see, and export information and videos in a simple and easy way. To get started with Photon, simply double-click the icon, and drag the mouse pointer over the desktop to create the desired screenshot box, and the image you selected will appear. 

From there you can upload it to the Photon website and get the link to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or save it to your drive.



It is perhaps one of the best tools for capturing, manipulating, annotating and sharing screenshots. It is different from other screen utilities. Optimized for taking multiple screenshots runs in the background until you need it. 

Easily automatically upload screenshots to image hosting services and easily send screenshot messages to friends. With new optional quick download link bar and download dialog after download. With special effects such as automatic active window enhancement, mass edge welding, pixelation, smart text removal and more. Smart file autonomy, easy renaming and format conversion. automatic versioning of image files. 

Ability to embed text annotations in files or add captions to images and prints. Sidebar Thumbnail File Browser provides full shell functionality, drag and drop support. 

The app is completely free, however if you like it you can donate a small amount of money to its creator. To obtain the application key, simply click on the relevant option when you open the program for the first time, where you will be transferred to the website of the application creator, copy the key that will be given to you and thus activate the product.



Simple tool to automate the tedious process of saving and recording screenshots that works as a hidden background process that is activated with one (or multiple) hotkeys and then saves a screenshot to disk according to the user's preferences.



The easiest and probably the fastest way to capture screenshots of your computer screen. No need to install it, just download the portable file and use it. You can crop resizable snapshots from any web pages, photos and videos on the internet. SnapaShot saves snapshots in 5 different graphic formats.

Gadwin PrintScreen


Do you want to create a screenshot suitable for storage or printing? You will just need to download this program. You can select screenshots for the whole screen or for specific fields and of course set whether you want to do this with the mouse or set a key.

Hornil StyleCapture


StyleCapture is a free, simple, smart screen capture program that allows you to easily capture everything on your computer screen including windows, or full screen. You can then paste the image file into a message, document, e-mail, other file.



If you want to take screenshots and need a quick fix, Screenphoto is for you. This is a very simple application. When you install it it will appear as an icon in the windows taskbar. To edit an image now, you must first take a screenshot of your desktop. A very feature, practical feature of the application, is in each window you see the application icon on the top right and thus provides great ease in how to download to the user.

Capture Plus


It is a free image capture and editing application for home and office, a very simple screen capture tool that supports various shooting and editing functions and is compatible from Windows XP to Windows 7, 8, 10. Among other things, it supports 20+ image formats (png, jpg, gif, tif, psd, pdf, hdp, etc.) and dual monitors.



Very good and simple screenshot solution for Windows with features such as quick screenshots of a selected area, in a window or full screen the ability to capture even full (scrolling) web pages from Internet Explorer the ability to comment, highlight or black out areas of the screenshot. 

Finally, you can save the screenshot in various ways, such as saving it to your computer as a file, printing it, copying it to the clipboard, sending it by e-mail, uploading it to websites such as Flickr or Picasa, and more.

My Screen Capture


Simple? software that will help you take screenshots of the desktop in Windows. Just click on the systray camera icon or press CTRL + F12 and a transparent green window will appear.

Allows you to take a screenshot of any part of the screen. Use the mouse (or keyboard) to move the window and size it, then click on the camera image to automatically save the area under the window. Snapshots can be saved to the clipboard on disk (png or jpg format).



Capture software that allows you to capture anywhere on your desktop and save your image as a PNG, JPEG or GIF file. You can capture images of specified areas as well as the entire screen. 

In the setting dialog, you can freely combine various setting items, so you can record as you like, change the number of counting seconds or the number of seconds from the timer. 

You can also download web pages by connecting it to Sleipnir, (click capture displayed area of ​​web page) and download the app. Finally, you can specify the save destination and file name.

Clipping and drawing


Take a snapshot to copy words or pictures from part or all of your computer screen. Use the snippet tool to make changes or take notes, and then save and share it. Quickly annotate screenshots, photos, and other images with the pen, touch, or mouse, and save, paste, or share with other applications. 

To use the snippet tool when you have a mouse and keyboard, press the Windows + Shift + S logo key. The desktop will darken slightly as you select an area for your screenshot. The rectangular function is selected by default. 

You can change the shape of the clip by selecting one of the following options in the toolbar, rectangle mode, window mode, full screen mode and free form mode. The screenshot is automatically copied to the clipboard. 

Finally, a notification also appears when you've finished taking a screenshot. In conclusion, this is a surprisingly simple, useful application that you should definitely have on your computer.



This is a very simple, useful application that will allow us to take snapshots from our computer screen. The application allows you to select any area on your desktop and capture its snapshot with 2 clicks. Easy to use, simple and intuitive user interface makes your job easier and faster. You can share the screenshots online and after uploading your screenshot to the server you can get the link immediately.



ScreenCloud is a simple program that will help you capture by automatically copying the image to your clipboard. This way you can paste this link for example as an e-mail attachment or in any other program. 

The other person simply clicks the link and sees your screenshot. ScreenCloud supports uploading to FTP and SFTP servers, allowing full screenshot sharing, and can be extended with plugins to support a wide range of cloud services. For the more advanced, many of these plugins are open source and you should look them up on GitHub.

Screen Grab Pro


Simple free screen recording software. It has ease of use, timer function, current window selection list and more. Screen Grab Pro copies a bitmap to the clipboard ready for pasting into your favorite image editor.



Powerful capture and crop tool and also allows you to pin the screenshot back to the screen. Download and launch the app, press F1 to start the snap, then press F3 to paste it as a floating window. You can also turn text or color information on the clipboard into a floating image window. 

Such windows can be enlarged, rotated, flipped, made semi-transparent and even clickable. If you are a programmer, designer or even a simple user and you work a lot from the computer and use these kinds of applications, you will be surprised how it can help you to do your work more efficiently.

However, although it is very simple to use, it has many hidden functions that can make your work with computers even more productive.


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