Thursday November 16 2017

KOPLAYER: A surprisingly simple Android emulator for Windows and Mac


KOPLAYER is a free Android emulator for Windows and Mac that emphasizes simplicity and quality and seems to succeed to a great extent compared to the emulators known so far by supporting the latest technology. - From the features of the application we distinguish its very simple menu, so that you can adjust the screen resolution, memory, specify a shared folder between Windows and Android, set the keys on your keyboard and mouse, use virtual PAD, easily take screenshots and even videos from the emulator screen, adjust the volume to switch your screen, close or open your computer camera at will, and rotate the emulator screen according to the application or the game. To run the emulator the procedure is as follows, download the application, install it on your hard drive, and run it from the application icon, once the process is complete, on the main screen, run Google Play and on the next screen enter it Google your account if you do not have the opportunity to create one. From there, browse Google Play and download any app or game you like. It's so simple that you have no excuse not to install it.

Be aware that while it can run decently on any computer with at least 4Gb of RAM, more memory, a better processor and a good graphics card will just boost its performance.
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TAGS: Android , Emulators

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