Wednesday 10 May 2023

O&O ShutUp10++ : Free antispy tool for Windows 10 and 11


Windows 11 and Windows 10 want to give users the easiest day-to-day experience, and in doing so they very rarely force you to actually read and confirm a security alert. 

Unfortunately, this simplistic approach from Microsoft means that a lot more data is transmitted than many users would like.

Microsoft uses most data to show you personalized information aimed at making your computer life easier. 

However, to deliver this information to you, Windows must have access to your calendar entries, your email, your location, and it must have access to the internet.

With ShutUp10 you'll be in full control of which features you want to use and decide about your data transmission in Windows 10 and 11. 

Using a very simple menu you can decide how Windows will handle your privacy by deciding which unwanted features should be disabled. 

If you are an advanced user you can configure it at will, however my opinion is that it is enough to simply activate the default settings of the application. So after running the program select from the menu of the Action application and then click on Apply only recommended settings. 

The program will ask you to restart, from then on when you go back to windows and open the application you will see that the settings you selected have been activated.

O&O ShutUp10 ++ is completely free and does not need to be installed - it can simply be run directly and directly on your computer.
the O&O ShutUp10++ application
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TAGS: Privacy , Utilities

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