Friday November 19 2021

Free Hidden Disk: Create a hidden hard drive on your computer


This is a very simple application with the help of which you can create an additional hard drive in a few seconds and hide it in a few seconds. To reopen the disc, you will need to enter your password. You can create hidden folders and save all your personal files to it. The disk is completely virtual, therefore, it does not require any additional disk space. It just uses the free space on your hard drive. Password protection is optional and can be turned off. The disc may appear or disappear in a matter of seconds! The program is 100% compatible with all other programs you may have. A hidden disk can contain an unlimited number of secret files, which will be hidden.

The only limitation is the free space on your computer hard drive. However, note that the disk files are not encrypted, the password is only used to restrict access to the program.

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