7 October 2022 Preparation

DTaskManager: Task Manager application for Windows


DTaskManager is a smart task management application for Windows designed specifically to provide a range of advanced features beyond those provided by standard Windows task management, while providing all the functions of Windows task management while maintaining a similar appearance and aesthetics.

Some of the most notable features of the app are the fact that it doesn't need to be installed, so once it's unzipped it's ready to go. It has four distinct shutdown commands such as end task or process, which is similar to pressing the “x” icon on the title bar of the process window, close process, which is similar to automatic shutdown, when the user closes Windows, force process termination, forced termination of Task or process by bypassing protection rights .

You can choose multiple processes or simultaneous termination methods (useful for treating certain viruses). It also allows process suspending/resuming (similar to Linux), this can be useful to temporarily suspend a task that is consuming resources that could be better used with a currently running process.

Finally, it provides many smaller features, such as displaying the path of running processes, multiple choice, the ability to start the process with a different name, the ability to force a shutdown with fewer useless confirmation messages. Simply put, this is a very useful application that can replace the classic Windows TaskManager application.

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