Monday 18 November 2019

HDHacker: Restore the MBR boot sector to your hard drive


HDHacker is a small utility for Windows that allows you to save, view, or restore your MBR, boot sector, or any other partition on your hard disk. memory and other storage media. The program is free, does not use any installer, but runs directly from an executable file. In addition to the maximum security it provides against virus attacks in the MBR can also be useful in case you install another operating system in parallel with windows and you have trouble starting.

HDHacker allows you to save the MBR before installing a new OS (or reinstalling Windows), and then very easily restore the original LILO / GRUB. As in previous versions, you can choose to read, write to from a logical or physical drive.

If the first partition is selected on a physical drive, it will correspond to the MBR. Otherwise, if the first partition is selected on a logical drive, it will read / write to / from the specified boot sector. The program requires the user to have the right to read and write to ANY part of the disc. you must be logged in as an Administrator to read, save or restore any MBR or boot sector

The app is aimed at experienced users, so if you are not sure what to do do not use it.

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